Martha Lake Frozen

It’s been a few years since we’ve had this much ice on the lake.  Not safe to walk on, but about 90% of the lake has a solid sheet (film) of ice.

This is the result of about 1 weeks worth of sub freezing temperatures starting December 30th.  Low this morning was 19.

img_6302-40d-1-400th-sec-at-f14-iso-400-24mm-01img_6288-40d-1-250th-sec-at-f11-iso-400-24mm img_6290-40d-1-320th-sec-at-f6-3-iso-400-105mm

Heard on the scanner 10 kids were walking on the ice just off of the park.  Fire arrived and got them off without any incident.

Warming weather starting tomorrow should melt the ice pretty quick.


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Stormy Weather Toolkit #WAWX

Here are some of the sites that I monitor during weather events.
These links are generally localized for Snohomish County and Greater Puget Sound Area.

Forecasts and Discussion
Scott Sistek (KOMO) Twitter
Charlie’s Weather Blog
Cliff Mass Weather Blog
NOAA Seattle Area Forecast Discussion
NOAA Northwest Washington Weather
Western Washington Watches and Warnings

Live Data, Maps and Radar

NWS Radar Loop
UW Radar (Where is it raining?)
US Satellite Image (Where are the clouds?)
Northwest Live Lightning Detection Radar
UW Seattle Wind Watch (Limited to City of Seattle area)
UW Seattle Snow Watch (Limited to City of Seattle area)

River Discussions and Data
Latest Flood-Related Watches, Warnings and Statements
Current River Flows
Snohomish River Near Monroe WA

Puget Sound Area Responders

Snohomish County PUD

SnoPUD Twitter
SnoPUD Outage Map

Puget Sound Energy
PSE Twitter
PSE Outage Map

School Closures:
Island and Snohomish County School Districts
King County School Districts

WSDOT Cameras

And miscellaneous references…..
Understanding NWS Forecast Terms
Weather Systems and Patterns
Jetstream – An Online School for Weather
Jetstream – Synoptic Meteorology
IRIS Earthquake Monitor (Washington State)
Seismic Monitor (North Pacific)

New Links – Not yet vetted
Aviation Forecast – Paine Field
Lightning Stikes – Real Time
Global Map Wind, Weather and Ocean (Updated every 3 hours)
UW Seattle Rain Watch (Possibly being unfunded Nov 2016)

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Memorial Day2012

Had a good run today with Scott.. Was able to run for longer periods of time. Shins are feeling much better. Did the run to grandma park and back. I think 3 or so miles. I think I’ve lost 10# but I’m not gonna keep track. Its all about the mind and soul.

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January 2012 so far

Today is sunny, and 38.  Big difference from last week, with the snowmagedon, and strong winds we’ve had.  Very calm.  Will we get one more blast before winter is over?

Check out the barometer below..

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Read up on this

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Late October find


Stumbled over a log while I shot this photo…. it got away before I could take another snapshot.




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Final stretch

So… who’s gonna win?  McCain or Obama?
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Updated Blog Site


Ok, thought I would update the site here.  It’s been over a year since i’ve touched it.  Ok… so I’ve touched it. 


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The battle has begun….

I am sending my Polar a5 back for servicing.  It will help to have my HRM working again. 
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